Specializing in made-to-order white pine, douglas fir and cedar.

Why Choose Kramer Forest Products?

Dick Kramer Founded Kramer Forest Products in 1980.

He took his years of experience working as a lumberjack in the northwoods of Wisconsin and put them to work in his home town of Springstead, Wisconsin.

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Latest Projects

Mantels Our Mantels Take Center Stage

We all collect cherished treasures that we would rather display than let sit hidden away in a sock drawer. Here at Kramer Forest Products, we offer high quality wood mantel shelves that will allow you to admire all those mementos.   

Bar and Counter Tops Hand-Crafted Office Countertop

Home and business owners have continued to purchase wood countertops throughout the years. And we understand why! When you walk into a room — whether it is an office or home — the warmth of the wood has an appealing beauty that welcomes its visitors. 

Log Homes Life in a Kramer Log Home

Life is so precious and every moment of it is so important. Imagine waking up, hearing the wildlife twittering amongst the pines, or perhaps the sound of a stream as the water bubbles over the rocks at a nearby creek. You grab your cup of coffee and emerge from your cozy log...

Log Homes Custom Stairs

Custom stair rail made with white cedar 6" posts, 4" rails and 2-1/2" spindles. 

Log Homes Build Your Dream Log Home

Have you been dreaming about a log home? Since 1980, Kramer Forest Products, Inc. has been helping customers achieve that dream. We hand select the best construction materials for the finest quality log homes and cabins. 


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We hand select only the absolute best wood!

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Why Choose Us ?

Kramer Forest Products delivers the highest quality milled to order timbers from many species of wood.

Kramer Forest Products specializes in white pine, douglas fir and cedar.

Dick Kramer hand selects only the absolute best wood.

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